How to hire for a Cost Accountant?

Summary: Cost accounting is a form of managerial accounting that aims to capture a company's total cost of production by assessing the variable costsof each step of production as well as fixed costs, such as a lease expense.  A cost accountant often works in the accounting department of a company to prepare financial records, such as cost analyzes and monthlybudget reports. A successful cost accountant has the excellent analytical skills necessary to manage vast amounts of numerical data to Read more [...]

How to hire for Inside Sales?

 Summary: Inside Sales Executives interact with potential and existing customers through emails, telephone calls, and live website chats to persuade them to purchase companies' products and services. They generate qualified leads, create suitable quotes, and process purchase orders.  Standard Job Description: Unlike outside sales personnel, inside salespeople traditionally do not travel. Despite this, they are still proactive about contacting potential customers and may engage in cold Read more [...]

How to hire for a Financial Controller?

Summary: Financial Controllers are tasked with overseeing day-to-day accounting functions, integrating finance operations, forecasting and budgeting, handling tax matters, preparing financial reports, and ensuring organizational financial stability.  Additional responsibilities can include management of information technologies, insurance, sales tax reporting, federal income tax reporting, outside CPA audits, human resources, monitoring internal controls, monitoring expenditure, forecasting Read more [...]

How to fire for a Purchase/Procurement Manager

Summary: Procurement Managers, also known as Purchasing Managers, manage a company’s sourcing capabilities and supply chain. They are responsible for strategizing and negotiating with suppliers and vendors in order to acquire the most cost-effective deals and to reduce procurement expenses.  A Purchasing Manager is a representative inside an organization, business or other association who is dependable at some level for purchasing or affirming the procurement of products and ventures required Read more [...]

How to hire for a Financial Analyst?

 Summary: A financial analyst is someone who makes business recommendations for an organization based on analyses they carry out on factors like market trends, the financial status of a company (or companies) and the predicted outcomes of a certain type of deal. Analysts typically have academic backgrounds as business, finance or accounting majors and are numbers-driven individuals who are comfortable interpreting data and making recommendations based on that data.  Standard Job Description:  Financial Read more [...]

How to fire for an eCommerce Manager?

Summary: E-Commerce Manager is the one who talks to these websites and ensures in getting his products listed there.  Standard Job Description: E-commerce Managers create and do the key web-based promoting plans for organizations and associations that work together on the Web. In that capacity, they have to remain current with the web-based advertising condition and adjust their methodology to best serve the interestsof their association and to stay up with the opposition in their field. Read more [...]